Saturday, December 10, 2011

The December Garden

Maybe you all are tired of seeing my broccoli and cabbage by now but they are definitely growing good and actually one of the broccoli plants is starting to produce. I think this might be making the smallest bunch of broccoli ever but I will cut it and hope for side shoots. I have never had any broccoli produce in December. They usually wait until we start warming up in March.

The cabbage is looking wonderful. I don't see the red cabbage heading up but some of the green cabbages look like they might.

Here is the spinach and garlic. I am rather pleased with how these are doing as well. We just now have had a few cooler days but they are looking fine still.

In the center bed some of the seeds that I planted came up here and there. This is a lettuce mix and there are a few radishes and turnips that have come up.

The roses are still blooming. It looks kind of strange in my front yard since I have an evergreen tree all decorated up with lights and bows and then this big rosebush in front of it with 8-10 red blooms on it. Looks like my yard can't decide whether it is winter or spring. This bloom, however, was hiding on a bush in the back yard. 


  1. Very nice Becky...sometimes if you let them, those tiny broccoli heads grow pretty big. My first broccoli I thought was a failure...a month later I had broccoli crowns that weighed five pounds!

  2. Wow! That cabbage looks great right NOW. Look at those leaves! They're beautiful! I'd be making cabbage soup or corned beef and cabbage for sure!

  3. Looking great! It's so cold here - it was 12 this morning - we are officially done until April.

  4. I already have some cabbage canned so I will let these grow for a bit and corned beef is too high here for me to be able to afford. I would eat it once a week if I could.
    It is 54 degrees F here right now at 3:05 in the afternoon. This is a cold day for us so far this year, lol.

  5. I find that red cabbage takes a lot longer to grow (and heart-up) than the green types. They are pretty hardy too, so I expect yours will be OK even if the weather does eventually turn cold.

  6. Seems so strange seeing your winter vegetables while I have summer vegetables growing. Isn't the blog world great? Don't forget to pop over and put your name down for my giveaway. Maa