Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Tree

The tree is up and no it doesn't lean, I guess I was leaning when I took the picture. Normally we decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving but with no small children here this year, the fun kind of went out of it.  For years I had a Christmas tree with all ornaments that had been handmade (by myself or the kids) but a few years go I decided I wanted to try blue and silver and I have been liking it that way ever since. We did not get out of our tree decorating without having to be a bit self sufficient though. The leg broke (it's an old tree)--after we had started decorating. I thought we might be able to prop it up in this old looking pot that I had. It was Phil who thought of the old rusty weights in the spare room. He brought them out, piled them in the pot so their holes lined up and then put the tree "trunk" down through the holes. Works perfectly, looks nicer, and is probably sturdier than it ever was on its plastic legs. 
That's Michelle's cat, Hippo (I am really going to have to start naming all the cats instead of letting her do it.) , under the tree who with his smaller friend, Little Butt (yup, she named them both) were determined to strip all the bottom branches of ornaments this morning and ended up being put outside.

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