Friday, December 31, 2010

What else I've been doing...

I don't want you all to think that all I do is cook and make dog biscuits. Although I have made more dog biscuits. This time I used some quail livers and hearts that I had in the freezer and two pieces of leftover chicken that were in the frig. I put them in the blender with some chicken stock and chopped them all into a slurry. Then I added enough whole wheat flour to make them stiff, molded them into bone shapes (sort of) and baked them. I really don't know how long. I kept baking until they were hard. Roamy seems to like them.
However that is not all I have done lately. I needed to start some seeds and my greenhouse still needs too much repair to use it so I ended up putting a shelf in my bedroom window and putting my seedlings on that. I still need to start a few more but got 4 different varieties of tomatoes, some peppers and kale started. Outside I got a good bit of chicken manure put into a long bed that I am hoping to have on one end of the house. It gets a lot of nice morning sun and I am going to try to put a few vegetables along that end and see how they do. It still needs a lot more compost put in there but it's a start.
I am also working on an afghan and have started sewing some throw pillows for the couch AND I cleaned out the 30 gallon fish  tank today. Somehow one lone fish has lived through all my neglect for quite some time now.
I only have a few more days of vacation left and it seems like I still have so much I would like to get done. Going to rain tomorrow though so will have to get things done in the house. Who knows? Maybe I will get those carrots canned, those pillows finished and my closet cleaned out (not likely though :)


  1. Hi Becky, Happy New Year. Sounds like you really have been busy... Great that you have managed to sow some seeds already. I always want to sow something as early as possible in the New Year, but experience tells me that it is probably better to wait a few weeks. January-sown seeds normally only produce very leggy seedlings for me. I don't have a greenhouse either. I'll most likely sow some brassicas in early Feb.

  2. We usually are planting in March and if I don't get started early, I don't have anything to plant.

  3. On 31 December, I had my 20 month old grandaughter "help" me sow some Ruby Red Swiss chard seed in the container that I had my carrots in. That was such a fun experience! She was taking each seed with her thumb and forefinger, dropping it on the soil, and pushing it down with her little index finger. That didn't last long. She got tired of it and I let her broadcast the rest and rub them into the soil with her hands. She loved that part! We have some great videos of it!

  4. That sounds really great. Not quite ready to let Christian help with the planting, lol.