Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dog Biscuits

I used the Traditional Milk Bones recipe from this site:
I do not have a bone cookie cutter so cut them out with just a knife. The problem that I had with this recipe was for one: the dough was incredibly stiff and hard to roll out and two: after you cut out the bones the dough will not stick to itself again and I simply cannot waste it so my dog has some cut like bones and some all different shapes.

Our little dog seems to think they taste just fine. I believe next time I will try the peanut butter recipe posted on the site.


  1. Maybe it would be fine if they were cut in rectangles like energy bars. I'm sure the dogs would still like them, and they would have no bones about it. I just had to...

  2. I am thinking the same thing, they would be easier that's for sure.

  3. Great minds must think alike. As I was reading, I was thinking, hmm, rectangles. I may have to try this one. My doggy loves his treats.

  4. My daughter and I toyed with going into business making gourmet dog bones. We even registered the name 'Doggylicious' and trialled selling some at local markets. We decided there wasn't much money in it but we loved making the biscuits. There are stacks of recipes on the net and every dog who tried them gave them the 'paws up'.

  5. I don't believe that in the long run these were cheaper than buying the box of dog biscuits but there is still that same satisfaction that I have when I make food for us--I know exactly what is in these. To tell you the truth I was rather surprised at the ingredients and hope to make my dog some more nutritious ones. Seems to me that whole wheat and milk are not exactly a natural diet for a dog and I like to keep things natural, if possible.