Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Colony Part 2

Our Colony on the Simply Self Sufficiency forum is about to start over. We decided that at day 60 we would start over and we are now (most of us) on day 54.
What is the Colony?
It is an exercise in survival. We kept it real simple. All the food in the world is poisoned and you can't buy any more from the store. You have to eat what you already have or can produce. Yes, we know this is an unlikely scenerio but that wasn't the point. It was to see how self sufficient we we really were.
In our first Colony we found out we weren't nearly as prepared as we thought. Some of us, myself included, thought that if we were self sufficient we wouldn't need stores of food. When we started the Colony post we realized how foolish that was. We weren't nearly that self sufficient yet. So we have started stocking up on the things we realized through the Colony postings that we were lacking.
The idea of starting over is to see how much better we would do now and how we would do at different times of the year. Obviously winter will be harder than say fall so we need experience in all of them.

We'd like to invite everyone to come post with us after Christmas when we start again. The idea is to use only what you actually have in your house or could acquire without going to the store (because in our minds most people would be out looking for food and not worrying about their cashier jobs). Some of us keep count of the days though we don't post a Colony post every day and some of us just jump in on whatever day the others are on or some of us start in the middle and post from day one. It really doesn't matter how you want to post. If you cheat and pretend you have a lot more food or a lot more other resources, you are the only one who will be losing out because you won't get the full benefit of the experiment. We hope to get a lot more people to join in this second time. To join at the Simply Self Sufficiency forum all you have to do is post on one of the boards and you are automatically a member. We hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Becky; I hope you're OK and not having to fall back on your self-sufficiency techniques too much. I haven't seen a post from you for a few days, and tonight on our TV news they are telling us about the severe storms in Georgia, USA...

  2. It was not real severe here. We got a bit of snow and since they don't plow here, it was rough to be out in when it was at its worst(and I was out in it, of course) but we only ended up with a little snow maybe a couple inches.

  3. Hi Becky, and all--would like to start with you when you start again-- Think I've got it covered-- but you never know. The problem I think I'll have is the grand kids-- would have take care of them too-- and of course all the little great grands.

  4. Char, I have the post up at SSS already. Just waiting for everyone else to start so go ahead and post your day 1. So nice to have you joining with us.