Thursday, December 30, 2010

Six Loaves of Bread

Yeah, I know, these are real dark on one side. I should have just put them in the oven and let them cook on 350 degrees like I usually do but instead I actually read the directions on the recipe and started them at 425 degrees and then forgot to turn it back down later. Oh well, I guess no one in the house noticed because there is only about a third of a loaf left. They aren't really as dark as in the picture anyway; not actually burnt just real dark.
Anyway, I said six loaves. Here are the other four.
They were put in the freezer until needed. They have already risen once. When I need them I'll just put them in a greased loaf pan, let them thaw, rise again and bake. 


  1. I actually LIKE bread that is rather "well-done". It has more taste. I think the stuff you buy in shops often looks too anaemic.

  2. Nothing smells better than homemade bread! Today is the second day and Phil just cut two pieces and warmed them in the microwave and I was just dying for a piece myself afterwards--just the smell!

  3. I agree with Mark. Well done food has a good hearty taste!