Monday, December 24, 2012

Venison Heart and Liver with Mushrooms Meal

You were expecting cookies or candies, I suppose.... well, we did make cookies and cherry pie but this post is about what I made for supper. The deer meat sitting in the cooler can't sit there for more than a couple of days and room in the freezer is..questionable so some of it had to be used and I was curious about the heart and liver. Phil normally is more of a fan of liver than I am but I do like heart meat. I did a little investigating online and then came up with this:

Take the heart and clean it out really good (there will be coagulated blood in it) and cut it into slices (the bottom of the heart has better meat than the top. The top has all the valves and they need to be cut off).
Cut the liver and soak it a bit to get the blood out. I only used half the liver for this recipe.
In a pan put 3-4 slices of fatty bacon and cook these until almost done, then dredge your pieces of heart and liver in flour and put them in the pan to brown. During this time I added almost a whole pint of sliced mushrooms and one green onion stalk. It looked and smelled pretty good even at this point.

When the meat is browned good put it in your crock pot with 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup and one can of milk and salt and pepper. Cook in your crock pot 3-4 hours.
Serve over mashed potatoes or rice.  I added some more green onion on top.
Phil was not real sure about it at first but he ate two helpings so it was definitely a success!


  1. Now you've gone and made me hungry. Merry Christmas dear lady.

  2. Becky,

    Your meal looks delicious!!! We haven't had venison in a while, can't wait to hunt for some more. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. I've got a deer heart in the freezer. I never thought of frying it with bacon; will have to try that.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family!! I've never had heart of any kind but I do love liver!

    All our best!

  5. Looks Great Becky. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Do you ever eat the lungs of the deer? I wouldn't really think of it myself, but a Bangladeshi colleague (who is an avid hunter) of hubby's once got a deer on our property and to say thanks for letting him hunt here, he had his wife cook up some innards, including the lungs, with rice and it was one of the best tasting dishes I've ever had!

    I just had a huge Christmas ham lunch but your post is making me really hungry again. :) Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Christmas day!

  7. Now I know what they mean by "a really hearty meal"... I don't think I'd like it though; I'm generally not keen on offal. A relic of my days at boarding-school when we were served the most disgusting stuff you can imagine. Dry, tough liver, full if "pipes" was a distressingly frequent feature of our meals. I'm sure yours - fresh and immaculately prepared - must have been very different though!

    1. Yeah, it wasn't dry or tough though I have had liver that was and there were definitely no "pipes", I am particular about that one.