Thursday, August 2, 2012

And Then There Are the Lazy Days

Now to give myself some credit (excuse) I have been fighting this sinus infection for 3 days at work and it has been keeping me awake at night....however, I did sleep fairly well last night. But today I just haven't found anything that I really wanted to do with this day off. I haven't been totally unproductive but most of my time has been spent here laying on the bed playing on the computer. I HAVE been learning. If you go to the facebook page you will see several links to future project that I want to do. I even started a twitter account so those of you who like twitter can follow there.
The animal have, of course, been fed and some got more hay and some of the female quail got moved into the breeder pen this time because I felt we needed more females in the pens.
The incubator has a duck egg pipped in it so I have run into the spare room 80 times to check on far nothing...ducks are SO slow to hatch.There are 5 duck eggs in there so I am hoping more will pip. If not one of the duck hens outside is sitting on a nest, maybe she will hatch some and I can slip the chick in her batch.
I did spread grass seed in the back yard since it has rained a little. I watered it in just in case.
I cleaned the brooder in preparation for the new duckling(s).
I have been down to the garden and picked a few (very few) beans and a couple of tomatoes. I have been harvesting peppers and tomatoes, I just have not joined in the Monday's Harvest because mine are always just peppers and tomatoes.
 There are more beans on the way, hopefully.
And this oregano definitely needs a trim....but not today.
I got a little industrious while I was taking pictures and picked another handful of hazelnuts that were about to drop.
I even came inside and made up a dessert for Phil tonight ...a really simple one.

 But most of the rest of the day will be spent like Romie...


  1. Everyone is aloud slow days (although you still did lots by the sound of it). My trouble is I feel guilty when I do!
    You're lucky to be able to pick hazelnuts. Over here the squirrels have them before they are ready, so we end up with very few.

  2. It`s the bodies way of saying take a break, so you have, keep well Becky

  3. Hi Becky! You seem to be so energetic, even with a sinus infection! I love reading your blog and about everything that you and Phil accomplish! Ya'll keep me motivated! Your tomatoes look good! Mine don't look or taste good! Must be the heat. I'm finally going to write a post today. Take care! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Those are great looking tomatoes you have got there... What variety are they?

    I hope you get better soon.

    1. These would be Celebrity, San Marzano and Tip Top. The Celebrity and Tip Top have done good but the San Marzano were poor this year.

  5. You seem to have done quite a lot for a "day off"! A bit of chill time does you good, you know.

  6. I really enjoy seeing your loot from the garden, I can't wait to get mine set up for next year.