Sunday, October 31, 2010

Plain Old White Bread

Now I know it has been a while since I made plain old white bread because Michelle said, "So what is the point of that?" I told her she would see the point when it was done .... and she did.
So this is plain old white bread from the Betty Crocker recipe:


  1. So much better than shop-bought bread isn't it?
    Are you in to making cakes as well? I'd be interested to hear if you know of any regional specialities from your area. Here in Hampshire UK, where I live, the local special is Lardy Bread (made with lard!). Tastes better than it sounds...

  2. Humm, regional specialities for the South? If you lived here you would know how funny that is. The South of the US is all about grits, greens and fried chicken, BBQ (pulled pork with BBQ sauce)and fried catfish.. The only bread they make are biscuits and they don't much care how the biscuits are made as long as they taste good (My neighbor uses self rising flour and mayonnaise-that's it, drops them by a spoon onto a greased cookie sheet). I really don't know anyone down here who bakes bread. Your Lardy Bread sounds good. I like to use lard in a lot of things (lard is still used a lot here in the South for everything.) By the way, I am originally from the North.New Hampshire to be exact. I have had to learn to cook the Southern foods. I never had made fried chicken before I came here but I can cook some good fried chicken now along with catfish stew, fried catfish, giblet gravy, mac n' cheese (which is different from the baked mac n' cheese we made in New Hampshire) etc.
    For Thanksgiving in the North we would have baked Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, sweet potatoes (mashed),cranberry sauce, dressing,winter squash, pies and quick breads.
    Here in the South they will have, fried turkey, collard greens, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, mac n' cheese, dressing, baked sweet potatoes and banana pudding.
    Anyway, at our house I now make a combination, lol.

  3. Sometimes nothing beats plain old white bread! Especially homemade white bread.