Monday, October 18, 2010

Banana Butter Part 1

So I haven't made banana butter in a long time but got a good deal on bananas and thought I would make some. Picked up the maroschino cherries but forgot that it used liquid pectin. Oh well, I have some powdered pectin at home, I'll just use that. I never before used the 6 1/2 cups sugar that the recipe called for, I always used 5 cups and it was plenty sweet enough.
Looks fine in the pan.

Not so fine in the jars.
This picture was taken the next day after the second try to can it. Yes, it still separated. Never seen banana butter do that before but then I never used powdered pectin to make it. Lesson learned. Oh, it won't go to waste. It still smells and tastes just like banana butter just has an odd texture. I will use it in banana bread and waffles or something.
So stay tuned for part two where I make banana butter the right way.

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  1. I just made two batches of banana butter in two separate crock pots.One turned out perfect and the other turned out like yours above, where it separated. I did everything the same except one crock got hotter and bubbled more...that is the crock that turned out the best. I'm wondering if heat has something to do with it, as I used powder pectin in both. I've even had it separate with the liquid pectin.