Monday, October 4, 2010

The Tablecloth

Here is my tablecloth. Isn't it pretty? The sides are scalloped..well except one side. I got both these clothes at a yard sale. I didn't know that I would use either of them for tableclothes when I got them. The red one the lady said was new and had never been used. It didn't have a single stain or mark on it and I felt $2 was a fair price. I didn't know as I would like the red on the table but it was red cloth and Christmas is right around the corner and I might need it for something.
At our house no one ever throws anything away without asking me and a lot of the time I have to say,"No, we'll keep that. We might need it for ...something."
The lacy top I got for a quarter. I got it for a quarter because it is actually a curtain that did not have a matching half. It was only after I got it home and put the red cloth on the table that I realized how pretty it would look with the curtain on top. No one would ever know it was a curtain, unless I told them but I am not too worried about what people think so I tell them, and I also am proud to have such a pretty tablecloth for just $2.25, and I tell them that too.


  1. Becky; Your attitude to throwing things away is obviously a bit like mine! I tend to hoard anything that might be remotely useful. It's surprising how often you regret throwing something away. Here in the UK we also have a scheme called Freecycle. I wonder if you have anything similar where you are? You advertise on the group website anything that you have but don't want to keep, and other people who would like it can inherit the stuff, and come and pick it up from you. This way less ends up in landfill. No money changes hands either.

  2. Yes we have Freecycle but the one for my town is not real active. When I actually have things to give away I take them to the Salvation Army thrift store. I go there a lot to shop anyway, lol.

  3. Creativity counts! We should all try to do more of it. I think it hones our skills for survival. It's so much better than sitting there waiting for someone to just hand us what we need. I think your $2.25 tablecloth looks very nice!

  4. Well, it just comes quite naturally to me. We were quite poor growing up and all through the 10 years of my first marriage. I don't know how to be any other way. If something I have has a good use, I will find it. People who have to buy everything new I find kind of strange.