Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Things Done

This week I have been trying to get more done outside as well as inside. The temperatures are beautiful and in the 70's so it is a perfect time to get things done without sweating.
This was my raised bed last year. It did great with some lettuce, kale and onions. This year it was a barren wasteland because I let the ducks out to forage each day and hadn't done anything with the raised bed. Today I decided to remedy that. I cut some small posts from some mimosa trees (very straight hard wood) and pounded them into the ground on each corner of the raised bed and then surrounded it all with chicken wire so the bed will once more be useable (as long as the chickens don't take it upon themselves to fly over it).
This was just one project that I got done before work today. The other was the canning of more potatoes--8 quarts to be exact.
Yesterday was also a busy day. The fig tree at one end of the house has become completely overgrown too. I went at it with the bucksaw and got all but the largest branch down. That one is leaning over the roof too much and I just didn't dare attempt it by myself.
I also tackled the rose bushes which haven't been pruned for the last couple years, which brought me to the front garden where the 4 o'clocks and morning glories had been trampled by the loose chickens, so I cut the bed all back, found where the chickens had thrown the solar lights and got them put back together.
The chickens themselves were another issue. When we had so many problems with the racoon, I had let several of the chickens go because they did not get killed in where they perched in the trees at night. Now that the racoons are gone, the chickens needed to be penned again. I managed to get most of the bantams in the pen and one of the larger roosters and a brown hen that has been loose forever. The rest will have to be caught one by one and put back in so that they will stop tearing up things in the yard. I especially want them in before next spring when I plan on planting again.
My "to do" list is long but I am making progress.

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