Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Ok, so I know it is coming into winter and not anywhere close to spring but I just have this need to plant things.  The broccoli and cabbage are doing great in the lower garden but there's the raised bed was with its new (slightly crooked) fence around it, empty.
I had gotten some free lettuce seeds from the eBay seller that I got my tomato and pepper seeds from. It was such a small amount though so it needed a small bed and then there were some old pea seeds in the drawer. They might not grow. I have never planted them in the fall but they certainly weren't growing anything in the drawer. And I had lots of red Russian kale seeds that I just bought.
So that is what went into the raised bed today. Maybe we can harvest something before the first frost or maybe I will just throw some plastic over the whole thing until we do. I don't know but I feel better for having planted that bed anyway.

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