Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Bread Day and Update

Things are going well here today. I was up early making bread again. I wanted to make enough to freeze this time so I did a batch of six loaves. I started at 6:00 this morning because I have to leave by 1:30 for work but they rose so fast that I just went ahead and baked two of the loaves. The other 4 are now in the freezer to save for whenever they are needed. I did change the recipe just a little bit from the traditional Betty Crocker white bread. I didn't have enough shortening so used bacon grease that I save in the frig instead. I believe I will always make it with bacon grease from now on, while it doesn't change the flavor much, the crust was crunchier and the bread softer. Even the girls noticed the difference without me telling them that I had done it.

There is yogurt in the frig as well. I made it a couple days ago using the little bit that was left from my last yogurt making. This was the first time I had used my own yogurt as a starter. Someone had told me that it would not work as well to keep using your own and that it eventually loses strength but this first batch turned out great; a nice thick yogurt like we like.

The garlic bulbils are doing well. A few more came up but not a lot. I would say if you buy 100 bulbils to expect to get about 10 plants from them.  The kale and peas are still growing in the raised bed even after all the rain we have had but the lettuce was killed by it. The cabbage and broccoli in the lower garden are thriving on all that rain though and I am hoping they make it before frost. If not I have some plastic that I can cover them with.

The chickens have picked back up laying and we have more eggs than we can eat in the frig. There are about 4 dozen now and I gave away a dozen the other day. The ducks are still not laying however.

I saw in the paper that apples were going to be on sale again this week. Maybe I will get some more applesauce or apple pie filling.....


  1. 4 dozen eggs "going spare" sounds like a lot! I wish I could come round to your house and buy some from you (or swap them for something). How many hens do you have?

  2. LOl, I have had more than that in the frig. I try to give them to my neighbors when I can. Let me think, or count,lol, 15 hens right now. I used to have about 300 birds before the racoons got some many this year. I used to breed different breeds and sell eggs. Right now though, these are just for eggs. Next spring I plan to raise some meat birds again.