Sunday, October 17, 2010

The $30 Dryer!

Yesterday there were a few yard sales in town and one was just a couple lots down from one of the stores I stopped at so I walked down to see what they had. There were 3 families with tables. It was mostly baby stuff but I got a few toys for my grandbaby and some books and then as I was leaving a paper on one of the tables caught my eye. It said, "Dryer $40".  Ok, that stopped me and had my mind frantically racing to try to figure out how I could get a dryer home (I drive a Cavalier).  I thought maybe I could get my brother to help if he wasn't busy so I stopped and asked about the dryer, how it worked et cetera and got the people's phone number in case I could find a way to get the dryer before they sold it. Then the lady says to me,"We have $40 on the paper but we'll take $30"--just a little more incentive! So I rush around doing shopping; get home; (I don't have a cell phone, by the way) call Phil and he says get it if I can find a way. Call my brother and he says he is in town and is just getting off work and can come right over and pick it up. Call the people back and THEY STILL HAVE THE DRYER! My brother and I meet them in town and bring the dryer home. When Phil comes home later he and I carry the old dryer out (to add to the collection of dryers and washers in the back yard, sigh) and carry the new dryer all the way around the house and up the back steps into the laundry room. Michelle had already washed a load of clothes and when we tried out the dryer it worked beautifully.
Some days are just good, you know what I mean?


  1. Score!


  2. Definitely! The dryer really does work good too. We have used it several times now and no problems.