Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just an Update

Just wanted to put in a little update here. The garlic bulbils I planted are now just starting to sprout. I had to move them out of the greenhouse to a sunnier spot. No my greenhouse does not sit right in the sun. During the winter when the leaves are off the trees it is plenty sunny but in the summer when it is so hot here in Georgia, the leaves shade it and this works out pretty well, however the leaves haven't fallen this year so the bulbils had to come out.
In the raised bed the free lettuce seeds I planted have come up and look really good. For such a small amount of seed, they did well. I also see some peas coming up but no kale. I have not ever had much luck sowing kale seed right in the ground anyway. Mine seem to do better if I start them in pots. Oh well, we'll see.
At work yesterday one of our parents brought in two big mums and our unit director gave them to me. I am quite pleased as I would never pay what they want for them in the stores.I planted them in the front flower garden.

However, I did buy these little ones for $.50 each and planted them in this planter behind the mailbox.
The broccoli and cabbage are also doing well. Not growing quite as fast as I would like them to but doing well all the same. Please excuse the tangle of tomato vines behind them.

I am also cannning the last of the potatoes that I got in sale today. Just 4 more quarts and they will all be done. 

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