Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Sorry no pictures today. I am too lazy to go take any.
It has been a absolutely beautiful day here. We got some things accomplished and just didn't get others done. The rototiller wouldn't start and stay going no matter what Phil did to it. He did, however, get a tune up done on my car and it runs so nice now. If you didn't drive it all the time you probably wouldn't notice but I could tell it was better.
I did plant the 2 new raspberry plants I bought the other day so now I have 4 raspberries and when we were in town we had to stop at TSC for a spark plug for the tiller and I got the last peach tree and planted it when I got home. I have had a peach tree here before that lived two years and died so hopefully this one will do better. I hope to look it up and see how I can do better taking care of it too.
More quail are hatching so I did the brooder shuffle today. Took the three (half grown) bantam chicks outside to a cage with light out there, cleaned out the cat box brooder they had been in and moved the quail into that, then cleaned out their little brooder so that it would be ready for the new chicks. So far there is just one hatched and two more trying to hatch. I have bantam eggs in there too, not sure how that will work out if they hatch, will have to see.
Went and visited with my neighbor/good friend and that has been the extent of the day.


  1. You don't need every day to be eventful, surely?? I had a busy day - spreading out my compost, mostly; and assembling some cloches I ordered through the mail.

  2. Oh, I don't know. Sometimes if the day isn't eventful, I feel like I haven't done enough, lol. Today was eventful enough for me. Wish I had got the sauerkraut made or the strawberry pie but right now I will just be happy when supper is done.