Sunday, February 20, 2011


I don't know why I continue to try to make strawberry jam. It is just a thing with me. We used to get a pectin that WORKED, now all that is in the store is Sure Jell and it hasn't worked for me but this time it might not have been the Sure Jell's fault. I ran out of gas in the process of making strawberry jam and had to finish off on the hot plate and it has only been a couple hours but I have learned that if it looks like syrup after a couple hours, it IS syrup. My daughter and daughter-in-law who live with me are as pleased as can be and have already opened the half jar to make strawberry milk. They say they never would have used the jam like they would the syrup anyway. So why do I keep trying? Because I want to win this one. I had no trouble making jam when I first started making jam. I want to know why I can't make it now!
So anyway here is how you screw up strawberry jam.
You hull the stawberries, which for me means that you basically dig the tip of your knife in and cut around the green top. You then slice the berry(makes it easier to mash). Then you crush the berries. Just use a potato masher, I don't like homemade "jam" that looks like it has been processed so don't worry if it is chunky. There should be 5 cups of mashed strawberries. Add the Sure Jell and stir it in good.

Then you heat it up to boiling(according to the directions on the Sure Jell), then you add 7 cups of sugar and stir it until you know that it is mixed in good (you won't have that gritty feeling anymore). Heat it to a rolling boil; boil one minute. Remove from heat and put in jars. Process in a boiling water bath 15 minutes.

I suppose that I could have just told you that it jelled great and tasted wonderful (I see that often on the Internet) but I just don't see where the learning would be in that. It has been almost 4 hours now (yes I have heard it can take a couple days but I do know better. Never had one that was actually going to jell take a couple days) so we likely have syrup.
I am rather pleased myself except that I didn't win the jam war I am playing with myself yet.


  1. I bet it taste good poured over pancakes or vanilla ice cream. The 1st time I make blackberry jam it didnt set, so I just called it blackberry toppin and gave it as gifts at Christmas that year :)

  2. It is wonderful on waffles and to make strawberry milk. I am sure it would be great on ice cream as well. Actually the syrup has more uses than the jam--but I would really have liked the JAM to WORK!LOL

  3. That is a perplexing problem. I encountered the same problem trying to make crabapple jelly a couple of years ago. Following the directions to a "T" doesn't make a difference. I even re-cooked some of my syrup/jelly and really added some pectin (liquid), and it didn't make a bit of difference. I wish someone actually knew what the problem with it was. Yours looks like it tastes very good, and it's pretty to look at. Someone whose done it or tried to, can appreciate your efforts. It's a lot of work, but still fun.

  4. I have tried to make apple jelly twice with the same results with the sure jell. Guess I need to make more waffles so we can use up some of our syrup, lol