Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sometimes it's just repetitive

I tend to only write on my blog when I am trying to teach how to do or make something but a lot of being self sufficient is repetitive. Yogurt has to be made every couple of weeks (this past weekend actually) but I don't tell about it because I already have a post on making yogurt and the process hasn't changed. Every couple of weeks I find mushrooms marked down and they go in the dehydrator (this weekend I have 4 packages to dry). White bread is made from time to time,though I haven't made any lately and need to. Pigs ears are made for the dog almost every week but the process is the same. I have delved into making my own soda but so far have not been impressed with the results enough to want to post about it.  If I ever get a decent soda out of it, you all will hear from me. I'll also be adding the English muffins to my repetoir of things that I do every couple of weeks--if and when I find the time to make them.
 I did plant  asparagus the other day but it didn't seem to require a post on it. Basically I had a small raised bed (one that I hadn't shown in my gardening post because it wasn't quite finished) that I added manure to, dug holes and planted the asparagus roots. I don't do any trenching and slowly covering of asparagus like you read about because I have planted it before and found it unnecessary.Onions were planted in the upper garden but onions bulbs are pretty simple to plant. I did not go with sets but some small onions that I found in the store (I like to experiment). Old marigold seeds that never sprouted were replanted with fresh seeds indoors and all came up. Marigold seeds apparently can't live three of four years in my seed drawer. Neither can sage, parsley and thyme but marjoram seed is viable much longer because it sprouted just fine.
The new chicks are just fine and growing well. I have not had any more hatch but there is a new batch of bantam and quail eggs in the incubator. If they hatch there will be a blog post on that.
I have heard a lot of "gloom and doom" predictions on how high food prices are going to go. I'm kind of a believe it when I see it girl. I don't know how many years I have heard the same stories; "Crops have failed! Prices are going to go sky high!"; never seems to happen. So far sugar has gone up 20 cents here. I am pretty well stocked up on sugar but I don't think that 20 cents is going to break me anyway. Milk prices went down 11 cents this week though. I guess the cows are still eating good enough anyway. I keep whatever is on sale stocked up whenever possible as anyone can see if they want to visit the forum ( )and my "This Week's Storage" posts.

I don't know why I have the urge to do these things. Other women don't do all this stuff, they buy stuff at the store and seem just as happy but when I buy things I am always putting something back saying to myself, "I already have everything I would need to make those at home--I just have to make the time." "Why should I buy that expensive fitted sheet that will only half stay on the bed? I have plenty of fabric and elastic at home." "I could buy that now but the thrift store will have one much cheaper eventually."

or maybe...

"I can crochet one of those expensive dog sweaters up in no time."   LOL

(Ok, so he has never been real impressed with his sweaters but they do keep him warm in the winters and he gets a lot of attention when he wears the flag one if anyone happens to see him on our little dirt road. )


  1. I love dachshunds... but I get that he doesn't appreciate the jumpers. He looks quite upset.

  2. You are a very talented person. The dog sweaters look really good, with fit and appearance! You calculated that just right!
    Time is the hardest thing to get, isn't it?

  3. Yup, sometimes life can be boring and repetitive! One of the reasons I like gardening is that there is always something different to see (and usually, eat). Even if you sow the same plants every year they won't turn out exactly the same, because soil, weather, pests etc have a varying influence.

  4. This is completely true. I love watching new things sprout and all that hope you have when they do.

  5. Love the sweater. Since I can crochet I should make Chili some. She hates wearing them.

  6. Romeo hates them but he shakes a lot less when it is really cold out.

  7. love hearing what folks do, even if repetitious, 'cause it reminds me of what I SHOULD/COULD be doing! I never thought to use the dehydrator for mushrooms...never used it for anything myself, in fact. (Hubby uses for venison jerky) Thanks for the idea & look forward to tripping around the rest of your site!

  8. I have dehydrated mushrooms, celery, onions, garlic (for making garlic powder--I suggest doing the onions and garlic outside if you can),dried zucchini slices dipped in Ranch dressing make a very good snack), bananas (dip them in lemon juice first),watermelon(another good snack but has to be cut thicker),...anyway, I will have more dehydrator post a I actually do them.