Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today's Casserole--Sausage Thow it Together Casserole

I had some sausage which I browned with some onions.
I had about three-fourths of a bag of egg noodle left after using some of them in chicken soup yesterday. I also had the cauliflower that I harvested today and some of the dried mushrooms.

Lastly I had a jar of pork gravy. I don't usually buy gravy in a jar but there was a coupon for a dollar off the gravy on the sausage so I went ahead and got it.
The only other thing I used in this was salt and  pepper.


  1. I'd eat that any day! One of the key skills of the good cook (and the self-sufficient gardener) is to be able to magic-up something delectable from what appear to be very simple ingredients. Looks like you did that very well. :)

  2. You know I never really could "cook" until the last couple years. I could take any recipe and make it for you but I never actually "cooked" like this. I had never actually just taken what I had and made something good out of it and now I just can. I'm not sure how that happened, lol.

  3. gotta love it when a meal comes together like that!