Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18

You ever get the feeling that God might think you've been too lazy lately. These were in the back yard this morning. Not sure why we didn't wake up when they fell but glad I wasn't in the back yard when they did. Anyway, today started out with pulling huge branches out of the back yard and into the woods.
Then it was on to the duck pen. Yes that is a splash Polish rooster in there. They left me 3 eggs today.
Then on to feed and clean the waterer in the pheasant pen. She left an egg which was fed again to Eggy the cat (in the first picture).
Then on to the pyncheon pen. These are mean little roosters in here.

Then to the Japanese pens. In this picture are the mille fleur Japs. I could not get a decent picture of the black tailed white Japs because they are terrified of the camera and just keep moving back and forth in the pen.

Then to check the seedlings in the raised bed. Look closely. They're there. Well, if nothing else you can see the onions on the end.
Then down to the big garden to pull up the cauliflower plants (took them up to the duck and chicken pens), clean up the garden a bit and spread 6 -40 lb bags of manure. Here is the nicest cabbage plant. They are looking so good that I may rototill around them and just let them grow a bit more.


  1. Seems like a very fulfilling day! The roster looks very nice and healthy too.

  2. Becky, you must be a deep sleeper if you didn't notice those branches coming down... How did they miss the cat??? :)

  3. Ha ha, it was such a light day. I'll post some day when I have a really busy day. It seems busy on paper(posts)but this took about an hour out of my day, the rest of it was just messing around. I left early this afternoon because I wanted to stop at wal-mart and see if they had strawberries then I went to work. However, I like to think that some of that time I spent learning things on the Internet and learning is never a bad thing.

  4. A nice tour! Why do you feed the pheasant eggs to the cat, other than a treat?

  5. too funny to call yourself lazy and mention hefting all that manure in the same post. love that!

  6. I feed it to the cat because he irritates me by getting in my way until I do.
    Dmarie, had I not been lazy, I would have gotten that done a while ago when I bought the manure.