Monday, February 21, 2011

The Berry Garden

Today turned out to be a planting day because the stores had some good plants for me to buy. I decided that the upper garden would just be a berry garden. Strawberries in the lower tier and raspberries and blueberries in the upper tier. I have never had luck with raspberries here but I do keep trying. I am afraid that they don't get cold enough in the winter but maybe this year will be the year that they make it through. I got the "fall gold" in the picture and a "heritage" red variety.
The blueberries I bought were both. "jersey" varieties. These also got a bag of peat moss.
They came in these nice Eco pots that were made from recycled "post-consumer waste paper" (humm?), "A carbon-neutral material, with no eco-impact and no carbon footprint", "Stock is made with 100% renewable wind energy", and "100% biodegradable". Just can't get better than that now can you. You were supposed to just bury the whole pot but I took it off the blueberries as you could tell that they had soil up past where they should have had it on the stem.
I also got some bare root strawberries. I got 10 everbearing "Ozark Beauty" and 10 junebearing "Honeoye". Well, I was supposed to get 10 of the junebearing ones but the box was short two of them. Oh well, I probably had more than I need anyway.
So now they are all planted along with a blueberry bush that I hadn't killed last year that I had in the lower garden. It may have room for one more blueberry bush, lol, maybe I'll stop back by the store tomorrow. ...


  1. Good choice on the berries! I'm thinking about strawberries this year, but have to figure out where to fit them in.

  2. Fresh berries are so great. We grow a strawberry patch, have a grape vine (I actually got to can 3 lil jars of grape jelly last year), alot of wild berry patches in our yard that I go out and pick during berry season... oooo I cant wait!

  3. We have the Heritage Raspberries and absolutely love them! Heavy producers and nice sized berries that keep well for several days in the frig.

    I'm going to have to start my strawberry bed over again, bind weed choked out many of my plants two years ago and I was to busy last year to get more going. :o(

    We also planted two pie cherry trees, three years ago and couldn't beleive the harvest of cherries we got on the second year, so yummy, but boy did we have to net them to keep the birds out!

    Blueberries won't gorw here, our winters are to cold, even mulching heavily( I tried twice)

    Enjoy the bounties of your fruit harvest!

  4. I don't have much luck with raspberries either except the few ones I have growing wild. And those are hard to harvest as everything else waits for them to ripen also.