Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update on the Home Gardening

Got out and took some more pictures today. We are going through another couple days of cold here. I hear that we are stuck in a weather system that is just doing circles over us that is why we have several normal warm days and then a couple of cool days...over and over and over again. I really wish it would stop.
Anyway, I'll start with the vegetables and then move on to the flowers.

Here are the potatoes. Aren't these huge?! I hope all that foliage means they are making nice big potatoes.

This is one of the two new pots of lettuce I sowed. The first two pots only germinated on each end for some reason...

but these two new ones look great.

I got busy and planted some peppers and tomatoes in pots as well. These are hot yellow peppers. I didn't know I had picked up a hot one I thought I had the sweet ones but too late now. The rest of these were planted down in the garden.

Here is that cherry tomato that I planted.

I took a few pictures of the flowers again as well. No more tulips, they've gone by but here is one of the hostas. I have one of these cement pots on either side of the swing in the front yard.  I put a few petunias in them several weeks ago when there were only tips of the hostas showing. Now they are just about over run. They did not grow quite fast enough. I do like how this one is peeking out from  under the leaves though. 

These next two pictures are of my ranunculous. They are a bit of a disappointment as they don't really look rose-like as they should but they are a pretty flower anyway. 

Here are a couple of cute pots I have growing. I have two of these little watering pots both with Gerber daisies.

And there are two of these pots on their little chairs in the back yard both with marigolds and petunias. 

And here are the first of the roses. These are on the rose bush by the mailbox. It is not in full bloom yet though, just a few here and there. 


  1. I've just planted out 6 tomato plants. Maybe too early, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a frost-free Spring.

    1. We are done with frosts but we have a few cold days still coming around. Very unusual for here.

  2. Well I think the yellow ranunculus does look quite rose-like -- especially photographed next to some rose leaves!
    Your potatoes look good and healthy. They will be producing flowers soon, and since you have them in pots you can treat them as ornamentals while they are flowering!

  3. Wow...your potatoes look fantastic! I love ranunculus...such a pretty flower and so many colors!

  4. Becky,

    Your potatoes look very healthy, just wait until they flower. Once all that green turns brown and a bit dry, you can harvest your potatoes. I hope you have a really nice harvest this year.

    Lovely flowers, I have a real soft heart for roses.

    Lettuce and tomatoes, makes for a great salad and you have them growing nicely.

  5. Hi Becky! Your flowers and vegetable plants look great! So healthy! I love the roses! Mine are just budding out. With this cool weather, I'm surprised you already have blooms! Thanks for sharing! Have a Blessed Easter! Felecia

  6. Everything looks great! So nice to see both vegetables and flowers!

  7. Your plants look healthy and impressive growth particularly the potatoes. Suppose the Spring weather is doing its job rightly!

  8. Well I regularly plant a lot of things in the garden and nothing actually grows all that great. I am interested to see if I do improve with pots.
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