Friday, September 30, 2011

Witch's Brew Soaps

I used to make my own soap and then they stopped selling Red Devil Lye in the stores here and I just haven't found an alternative. The other day I saw an auction on a forum I am on for goat's milk soap so I checked out this person's website. It had some really nice soap on it and one really caught my eye because it said it was a shampoo bar. How interesting! I ordered a shampoo bar for $6.

The bar came in yesterday. It didn't really look like the bars on the website. Not nearly as clear and no pretty design on it. I didn't like that. Not that I think the design matters but I just think you sell the product you have advertised. The smell also didn't seem all that nice - lemon/lavender.
Today I got to try the bar. Wow! What wonderful lather! Better than my store bought shampoo by a long shot. And the smell? It has the lightest most lovely scent. I hope it lasts a while because $6 for me is a lot for shampoo but I am definitely wanting more of it! I have got to see about getting more lye and making this bar myself.


  1. If you're looking for lye try Ace Hardware if there's one near you. They don't carry Red Devil but they do carry Rooto Crystals Household 100% Lye Drain Opener. I buy it in the store here (Northeast Florida) or it can be ordered online. I use it to make soap and it works just as well as Red Devil.
    You're right at $6 a bar it better last a long time:)

  2. Oh thank you! We have an Ace Hardware right here in town too. It will be so nice to make soap again!

  3. Oh the $6 did include shipping but it was still a $6 cost of one bar to me.