Friday, September 23, 2011

Raised Beds at Work!

I believe I have mentioned that I work at the Boys and Girls Club here in Thomson. It is a great place to work if a bit challenging. This year we have over 150 children registered and about 115 come every day. Recently we got a grant to build a raised bed garden for our children which we all thought was pretty wonderful. One of our Board members got his people together and THIS is what they built for us!

I was so surprised yesterday when I went out and looked at it. Nine big beds separated into three sections each. We will have 4-5 responsible for each section. It is too bad that it is fall and not spring as we are limited in what we can grow but we are going to try.


  1. Oh excellent, bet that was a big surprise!

  2. I was definitely surprised. I thought one or two beds. These are wonderful!

  3. I hope that timber has been properly seasoned, or treated!
    What a great opportunity for the kids to learn about growing veg. Are you going to be one of the gardening instructors?

  4. I don't know, they are hoping to get some help from the Agricultural class at the college I think.