Saturday, September 3, 2011

Norwegian Jaerhon

I hatched these two little beauties yesterday. I think these are the pretties chicks! These are Norwegian Jaerhon chicks. These are the only true Norwegian breed. The originated from a Norwegian landrace type of chicken. The national control station for breeding was established in Jaeren in 1916. It is said that the breed originated from one single pair of parents, however they have good vitality are are doing fairly well as a breed today. Roosters and hens look quite different as the hens have a set pattern to them but the roos look like a mixed barred chicken. I  have read that you can sex the day old chicks by their color. Since mine look the same I take it they are either roos or hens but I don't know which one. These will not be meat birds here (unless they turn out to be roos and I can't get any hens for them) but will go into the layer flock.


  1. They do look very cute - if perhaps a bit "serious"! Where do you obtain eggs for such an obscure breed?

  2. Are they layers, or for the table?

  3. I obtained them through a swap on a chicken forum. You can get almost any breed on this forum, however, some people are more serious breeders than others.
    Now Mark N, if you just read the last line of the posting...
    Norwegian Jaerhon are fairly small birds.

  4. They are good looking fellows, er, ladies, uh Chickens!

  5. I have now read that the ones with the large spots on their heads will be hens. I find this is kind of contrary to most barred birds like Barred Rocks where the males are the ones with the large spots so we will just have to wait and see I guess.

  6. Replies
    1. x2 I have a pair, only have some people telling me that one is the roo and others telling me that the opposite one is the roo and I have no idea which which is which--however the one that looks like the 2 pictured shows more hen traits than the lighter colored one..

  7. Did these Jaerhons work out for you? Would you be willing to talk to me about them for a book I'm writing? Thanks.