Sunday, September 18, 2011


So I was thirsty while I was canning today and decided to try the dried lemons and limes to see if I could make a nice drink out of it. I had seen two different ways to do it on different sites online. One involved putting the dried lemons/limes in a pan and bringing them to boil then putting them in your pitcher and adding the sugar and ice. The other put the dried lemons/limes right in the cold ice water in the pitcher. It seemed to me that you would get more taste if you boiled them so that is the method that I tried today.
I am not sure how many this would be. It was just a small jar of lemons and limes. I brought these to just a boil. I would suggest that you strain the liquid out next. I didn't and then had to pour it out of the pitcher and strain it. 

Add your sugar and add ice. That is all there is to it. 
But, how did it taste? It was strong. The limes were stronger than the lemons and it wasn't very tart at all. I believe I will try the other method where you just put the dried fruit in the ice water and I will separate the lemons and limes and see how it goes. As for this pitcher, it is still getting drank. I added more ice which made it not so strong and I added some bottled lemon juice which helped as well. I will still be on the lookout for marked down lemons so that I can keep a good amount of dried lemons stored. 

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