Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Today's News

Eleven more quail chicks hatched but we lost two already. The duckling is loving it. I also had another bantam mille fluer Japanese chick hatch.
One of the quail out in the breeders pen laid me a green egg today:
While unusual (I have never gotten one before) I don't think this is anything special. With birds eggs are a base color (often white or blue) and the outside color of the egg is produced by the female bird and laid over the base color. When you crack a corturnix quail egg they are light blue inside because that is the base color. This egg was produced by a hen that just wasn't quite ready.
Found another baby snake in my sink yesterday morning but none (thankfully) showed up today. 
I got the day off yesterday when the brakes went out on my car, while I was driving it home, of course. I did manage to get it to the house without incident (or accident). Phil and my brother were able to fix it today by putting  a new wheel cylinder on one of the back wheels.
I have finished crocheting the hat for my niece and am almost half way through the scarf. I like them so much I might make me some.


  1. Life is a never-ending series of adventures for you, Becky! Hope the car is safe new...

  2. That's a lot of work and patience getting all those eggs to hatch. You do a great job!