Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Thought I Would Update Again

Some things just don't need their own post so they will get an "update" post.

This morning we had a hatch of 4 quail. They seem to think the smaller duckling in the brooder is "Mama" because the duckling lets them sit under it. There are only three of them in the picture, the other one was eating.
The twenty quail that were hatched several weeks ago are just about ready to butcher. There have been a couple of losses but I believe there are still eighteen of them. 
This is just a pictures I took some of the older ducks this morning taking their daily bath.

This is today's egg collecting. I got my first blue egg today from an Ameraucana chick that I bought at Tractor Supply this spring. 

It would be no fun if there wasn't a predator somewhere. This was in my outdoor sink. I didn't even see it until I was almost done watering everyone.
I have been doing a little gardening too. The raised beds aren't really ready but I put my last bag of manure in this one along with the compost and went ahead and planted a few red cabbage, broccoli and green onions.
I also moved the potted grape vine and it is recovering from the ducks eating off all its leaves. 
This is the beginnings of a hat and scarf set that I am making for my niece for Christmas. I traded for the yarn online and found the pattern on another blog.
So that is my update for this time. I have some quilting to do for Christmas and that basket to finish those will be future blog post hopefully soon.


  1. That is the sweetest thing - a duckling acting as mother to baby quails :) And well done on low-budget/high-quality Xmas presents!

  2. Well, the yarn was a trade, and some of the quilt fabric for my grandson's quilt I had but some of it I traded for as well. The quilt fabric for the lap quilt for Phil so far was bought off of eBay (and not exactly a bargain either but it was lovely Army fabric). My niece is at that odd age--pre-teen--so I think the hat and scarf will be a "safe" present to give her. She is quite a tomboy but is starting to be a little "girly" so I will make them with the shell pattern which is so pretty.

  3. I bet counting 20 (18?) quail is not easy. I imagine they don't stand still for long!

    I'm SO GLAD I don't have to cope with snakes like you do. If we had snakes here I think I would give up gardening.

  4. I have only ever found one snake in my garden (so far :/ )and it was a garter snake.