Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Butchering

Sorry no pictures again. I promise I will try to remember next time if the birds are anywhere near decently clean but these are Cornish X so I doubt it It is 10:20 in the morning I am laying on the bed with my foot on ice which hurts worse than stepping on the damn thing, my back hurts, my fingers feel numb, I am sipping a beer (medicinal?) and I have showered but I am sure I STILL SMELL BAD !


There are 5 more Cornish X butchered and in my frig. I have just 3 of them to go in that older pen and then in another week or two I can start on the 7 in the other pen.

I am going to relax a bit more, then get out and water the tomatoes hanging from the porch, take a look and see if the garden needs water (I'm sure it does) and then--if I can still limp around--get a bird house put up.

Later I am making a seafood boil. Not a thing in it that I produced myself. Oh well, next week we'll be eating our own chicken anyway.

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