Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Review


I don't usually get a new book. Usually I buy them used as they cost so much new but today I saw this one, told Phil I really liked it and he wouldn't let me put it back. I was just going to look for it other places where I could get it cheaper but he insisted and I'm glad he did. 
This book covers everything you could need to know about butchering your own domestic animals and processing them into usable cuts of meat. Domestic animal meats this book will tell you how to process include: beef, veal, sheep, goats, pork and poultry/fowl.  It also covers game animals as well such as bison, moose, elk, deer, and bighorn sheep. Smaller animals included are rabbits, raccoon, opossum, muskrat, snakes, turtles, frogs, squirrel and fish. 
There are excellent real pictures showing the butchering of each type of animal and the cutting up of the meat. I really think that no matter what you are butchering you could do a good job of it with this book. 
Plus at the end of each chapter there is at least one recipe for each different animal that they have shown you how to butcher.
There are also chapters on: Meat Curing and Smoking, Sausages, Building a Butchery Business and Meat Byproduct and Food Preservation. 
It really is the best book that I have seen on the subject which was why I wanted it so much and am recommending it to all of you.


  1. Looks like one for my book shelf Becky! Thanks for bringing it up!

  2. Becky, would you just do me an Elk and a snake to go with it please?! :-)

  3. I have never actually had elk or snake. I have eaten frogs before though. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't try the raccoon we killed though after I had read this book.

  4. I'm glad hubby knows how to do this. I'm sure his father taught him. It is very expensive to deer to a processor.

  5. I just cut up my first deer this year. I did not find it all that difficult- time consuming- but not difficult. I remember my father butchering animals but I guess he never did it often enough for us to learn how. Seems to me that kids used to be able to learn a whole lot more. Now they learn a lot of things that they will just never have to use.

  6. Thank you for posting this review. I have seen this book recommended before but without any sort of hint as to how well it was put together.
    Certainly going to put it on my library enhancement list.

  7. I love this book because you can actually see them doing (with the pictures)what they say. It is also one of the great things about most blogs is that people are posting about what they are actually doing and not just saying you can do it without any experience of having done it themselves.