Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Knew It!

I told Phil that a few days ago after that first little rain storm we got that when I went down to the garden one of my tomato cages was knocked over and I was sure there was a deer track beside it. I don't think he believed it could have been a deer track but we see them all the time out here down the sides of the dirt road or in the mud down by the lake and I was sure it was one. The garden has a 4 ft. fence around but, of course, that isn't much of a deterrent to a deer..
Well last night when he let our little dachshund, Romie,  outside Romie ran away down the road after something. (It's a dirt road but still has cars so Phil went screaming after him, lol). Romie will do that for any type of animal in the yard though so we really didn't think anything about it.
Anyway, this morning Phil went out to go to work and came back in to tell me that he had seen a deer right there on the lawn by the garden. Mystery solved. We now know what is eating stuff in the garden. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it.


  1. I know the feeling. My chickens discovered my garden yesterday. Now I have to either put up a fence or keep them in.

  2. Luckily my chickens have not wandered that far yet, I am not sure why they get into everything else.

  3. I've read that deer will not step past a plant they like even if it means getting to a plant they do. could google what plants deer don't like and plant those on the perimeter of the garden. ??? my in-laws have had some success with zest soap!

  4. That butchery book you got the other day covers how to prepare venison, doesn't it? Idea forming...

  5. Yeah, venison would be nice but it isn't deer season here and we live in the country but we ain't that far back in the woods, lol.
    Dmarie, thanks for the suggestion but so far it hasn't eaten a whole row of carrots and turnips but it has to step over them to get around the tomatoes to get to the peppers on the other side and it also hasn't eaten the squash on the other side either so it seem to be stepping around things pretty good, lol. I may have some zest soap stored here though and can give that a try.