Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Ever Have One of Those Days...

where there is a plan to get something done for the day and then one car doesn't start and the other starts but won't stay idling? It has been one of those Saturdays.
Now it isn't all bad. We took a trip to town (in my son's car) and got a 2 parts ($104) for my car and Phil put one on and it is running great (so we may take the other part back and get the $60 back for that one) and his car actually finally started (but it is iffy as to whether it is fixed or not-complicated-sometimes it runs and sometimes it doesn't, no warning). Anyway, my family (the men anyway) are all car mechanics (where we come from there is a class in school but my father was always a mechanic) and can usually fix what is broke (except on some of the newer cars). I don't know how people who don't know mechanics ever can afford to get their cars fixed.
So now Phil has moved on to trying to fix the lawnmower. The rope didn't just break, the spring sprung so not as easy as it seems. He is on his computer looking it up to see if he can find out how to fix it (computers can be a wonderful thing).
Fixing the porch, which was the original plan, has been put on hold as my brother has not got here with the wood. My brother had to fix his mother-in-laws car and I take it that one has turned into a longer job than he anticipated. Maybe the porch will have to be put on hold until tomorrow.
In other news, I have 5 new baby quail from a terrible hatch. It was terrible because a lot of them died in the shell and I think it is because I just couldn't manage to keep the humidity up in the incubator. I will have to make some changes there. Still, I do have 5 new baby quail.
Nothing else is going on here. We are struggling to keep cool and keep things watered although we did get an evening thunderstorm the other night. Already our dirt road is dry again but I am sure the garden benefited from the quick soaking it received. I haven't harvested anything in the garden. I could harvest the herbs but even they are looking sad in the heat so I think I will wait. There are tomatoes coming along but the peppers and squash just aren't setting fruit again this year. I really don't know why.  Last year I thought it was lack of pollination so pollinated myself but it didn't help. Anyway, maybe we will get something to produce eventually. I do know that the carrots are forming little carrots so if I can just keep enough water on them maybe we will get some this year.


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. We all get days like that occasionally. Days when you wish you had stayed in bed!

  2. No this wasn't quite that bad, lol, but it started out bad. If both the cars go tomorrow, I guess it will have been a successful day, lol, but it still didn't get my porch fixed!

  3. My husband and I don't know jack about cars and how to fix them, and yes, it's killer expensive! That's awesome that your family knows how to fix their own vehicles. That's a handy skill to have.

  4. We ended up getting $64 back for one part that wasn't needed. My brothers both came and helped Phil fix the porch today, Phil also put a new hose on the dryer (the one we had on it was not the right kind and not working well), and he is now out crushing the bags and bags of cans that I have on the back porch so he can sell those. It has been a productive day for him. All I managed to do was get the sheets cleaned and back on the bed and get the animals fed.

  5. It is so very hot here, too, in N AL, miserably hot. I just found your blog....nice! I sure wish I knew someone who knew how to fix cars. I don't even have a relative living near me.