Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Update Pictures

Let's have a little garden update. Please excuse all my weeds. Here are some grape and cherry tomatoes that I have gotten from the three hanging baskets of tomatoes that are on the porch.

Here are some more to come. All three of the baskets are just loaded with little tomatoes.
Here is the squash vines that seeded themselves in the old compost pile. They are growing and blooming like crazy but so far it is all male flowers.

Here is the best growing squash in the garden. This is a patty pan squash. The zucchini aren't doing as well but were planted later.
 This is a nice healthy row of turnip greens. I am beginning to think I won't plant greens next year; ugg, I dread washing all these leaves.

Here are a few more shots of tomatoes in the larger garden. I planted several cluster type tomatoes.
Here is a nice purple bean. Too bad the plant doesn't have leaves thanks to my bean leaf eater, whatever it was.  The leaves are growing back but slowly.
Here are the start of the jalapeno peppers. They always do well in the garden. Apparently they can grow anywhere.
Here are the bell peppers. I have not gotten any bell peppers from this garden for the last few years but have changed several things this year so have high hopes for these little starts.
The kale has gone to seed and here are the pods on one of the kale plants. I plan to collect them later for seed for next year.
This last picture is of the lovely flower on the pomegranate. This year is the first time it has ever flowered and it only has a couple flowers. They are quite pretty though.


  1. Everything is coming along wonderfully!

  2. wow! That all looks magnificent. It is amazing how fast every thing grows.

  3. If only I could get ripe tomatoes in June, I'd be a happy man! The pomegranate flower looks as if it's been made of crepe paper. I hope the bush will bear fruit for you.

  4. Looking fantastic!!!!!!!

    Martin :0)

  5. Everything is growing good :)

  6. Well, things are definitely better than previous years but I would give anything for some New England soil to grow food in, lol.