Thursday, May 5, 2011

Garden Pictures-Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers

The thyme actually inspired me to take pictures today. I can't believe how well it is doing out in the raised bed! It is just about time to harvest some I think.
 Something is really liking the basil and oregano but doesn't care for the cilantro.

Here is one of the lemon balm "bushes". These are really huge this year. Still trying to figure out what to use them for. I am wondering if a strawberry lemon balm pie would be good?

Tomatoes in the hanging baskets on the front porch. I have to water them a lot.
Beans are doing well in the bigger garden and starting to get little beans on them.

 Buds are coming on the green bell pepper plants and the jalapenos are doing good but not quite as far along as the green peppers.

These are the pea flowers. I am not sure we will get any peas before it gets too hot for them. It is a real challenge to grow peas here. If you start them too early they just sit there and don't grow but if you don't start them early enough they don't produce anything before the vines die off in the the heat.
This is what I believe are some pumpkin vines (with a few potatoes among them) growing up by itself in the old compost pile. What I would like to do is make a raised bed on this spot next year.

We have several of these trees here. I have no idea what they are and just noticed today on this little one that the white flowers are lovely.
And last but not least, is this rose in the back yard. It is quite large, nearly as big as my hand and has just a light smell to it.


  1. Wow! Your garden is looking great!!

    It is really funny that you took all those pictures of the herbs because I just posted on blog about how we are planning a herb garden for my girlfriend's mother. So they are quite inspiring.

    Thanks for another great post to read!


  2. Your herbs looks nice and healthy and what a lovely rose!

  3. I didn't take pictures of the marjoram, rosemary or chives. I have a tree post coming up next, there were too many pictures for just one post.

    Martin, I am following your blog now.

  4. Becky; you have certainly got the photography "bug" now. It's addictive you know. Thanks for showing so many interesting aspects of your garden. As you know, I love the herbs and veg best! Did you visit the HERBS page on my blog??

  5. I have been to your herb page. You have some lovely pictures on there.

  6. I have no idea. It was labeled wrong. It was supposed to be an heirloom rose called "The Fairy" which is a very small rambling pink rose but this definitely isn't "The Fairy".