Monday, May 16, 2011

The Weekend Went SO FAST!

I could really use several days off, sigh.
Three bantam chicks hatched yesterday. Two have moved outside to the big brooder but this little one hatched out late this morning so he still has some drying off to do in the incubator.

Unfortunately none of the quail eggs have hatched. It is poossible that none of these first ones were fertile. Male quail tend to mature a few weeks later than females. Maybe the next batch of quail eggs will be the ones to hatch.
When I walked down to the garden yesterday I got a nasty surprise. Something had eaten all the leaves off of the beans. It hadn't actually eaten the beans themselves just all the leaves. It also got one pepper plant and one small tomato. So much for having a nice organic garden; mine got Sevens dusted. I do believe the beans will come back though. At least it didn't eat the peas which are doing real well and I hope to be able to harvest some eventually if our weather stays as nice as it has been.
The potatoes did not get canned today. I picked up some hay on the way home from taking Phil to work and cleaned out pens and put down fresh hay this morning instead. I do love it when everyone has a clean pen. The potatoes will just have to live until tomorrow.
Phil actually asked me yesterday when I picked him up if I had gotten any rest. Humm...


  1. Oh man, any idea what got ahold of the plants? Rabbits or deer? That is so aggravating to work so hard to have it gone overnight. Try to get some rest, even just a little bit.

  2. The garden is fenced. Looks like a bug to me. I did get a bit of a nap today before I came in to work.

  3. I have just come across your blog and have enjoyed reading through the back catalogue of posts. I would really love to hear about any areas of your life you have been able to become self sufficient and what the next project is.

  4. Congratulations on the chicks that have hatched, I had 12 hatch in my bator yesterday & 2 last night, hope some more hatch today. Hope the quail eggs hatch next time. We have to use seven dust too on our garden plants.

  5. Areas of my life where we have become self sufficient? I don't think it works that way. You can't break it down like that. If my life would fit into neat little catagories..maybe, but it doesn't. We are not self sufficient in producing our own food and may never be, but we do produce some of it. I don't completely produce our own clothing since I don't have a big cotton field hidden here in the woods. We don't produce our own energy since I don't have enough money for those solar panels I want and if you know anything about solar power you realize it isn't really self sufficient anyway. Fiona, I really don't know what you are wanting here. If you came here expecting that my having a self sufficient blog means that we are totally self sufficient, well we're not. We do things that are self sufficient if we can.
    What is the next project? Who knows! Whatever opportunity presents itself. :)

  6. Hey Jennifer, congratulations on your hatch! Right now I am just hatching a few bantams for fun but the quail are for food so I really hope they get going this year.
    I did see the fox streak across the yard this morning when I drove in from taking Phil to work. I do not find that real encouraging but I had all the ducks penned anyway (two have been running off in the woods on me and I didn't get them in until Phil helped last night).
    It rained yesterday (YEAH!) but now I have to dust again, lol.