Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sourdough Fried Chicken or Steak

This is one of the best fried chicken recipes that I have. Enjoy.
1 chicken cut up
1 cup of starter
1 egg
your choice of seasoning
Take three bowl and put flour in the first one, the starter and egg in the second one-beat egg with a fork, and flour and season in the third bowl(I used chicken season salt and Chicken Jambalaya seasoning).
Wash chicken, coat chicken in the first bowl of plain flour, dip into second bowl, coat again in third bowl, set aside on a paper towel until all are done. Fry in deep fryer until done.

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  1. AMAZING!!!!!!! I put some oregano, salt, pepper, and rosemary into my seasoning coat, and fried it submerged in a pot instead of a deep fryer, cause I don't have one, but it is the best fried chicken I have ever made! I love the bite that the sourdough gives it! I made enough for several days, as I am only cooking for my husband and I and I didn't want to waste the batter. I used boneless skinless chicken breast. SO GOOD! Thanks!