Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hot Pepper Butter

I found this recipe on another blog called Chickens in the Road. Everyone who tried it seemed to love it and this week I found some hot peppers on sale in the store and bought them so I could try it.
Cut and seed your hot peppers, then chop them up to a mush in the food processor.
Put your peppers in a large pot and add:

1 qt apple cider vinegar
1 qt. prepared mustard
4 cups sugar (the original recipe called for 6 but those who reviewed said 4 was fine)

I used a whisk to get the mustard mixed in well. Cook it for 10 minutes or so. (original recipe did  not specify how long)
In a second small bowl mix up a cup of flour with enough water to make it smooth(I whisked these together as well).
Using your whisk stir the pepper mixture quickly while pouring a thin stream of the flour mixture into  it.
Ladel into jars and can in boiling water bath canner 15 minutes.
The hot pepper butter are in the yellow jars on the left.

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