Sunday, February 12, 2012

Now We're Smoking!

Wind is way down today and we got the smoker seasoned this morning. To season it the smoker has to run for 3 hours and then you add wood chips for the last 45 minutes. We added mesquite chips to season it with and were lucky we did because though I knew mesquite was strong I didn't know how strong until we smelled that smoke. Really kind of awful smelling. Good thing I had found some hickory chips yesterday. After it was seasoned we put a couple small slabs of ribs in it to have for supper. I meant to get a picture but then forgot so you all will have to wait until we open it again before I can show them to you. I was told on a forum that you should smoke it for 3 hours, then wrap it in foil for two hours then without the foil for another hour or so. Mine are kind of small so it might not take quite that long.
I was also told that you should only have a thin blue smoke coming out and not a thicker white one. We are doing pretty good with that. Phil is handling all the loading of the chips and seems to really enjoy doing this.

Besides smoking I have yogurt in the oven growing and sourdough bread in the oven as well-not really growing so well. It is incredibly slow rising today. I am thinking about doing only one rising since it may take forever to get a second one.


  1. I think I want one of those... (I'll wait to see what results you achieve with it first though!)

  2. Love it!! Can't wait to "see" the ribs! And hear about the taste. I"m with Mark, think we might have to have one of these...

  3. 1st Man I posted pictures of them after the first three hours on my facebook page.

  4. What a lovely and informative blog you have here...enjoying my first visit!

  5. Inspiring! I've wanted to smoke trout and ducks. First, I need to get a smoker...Have fun with yours. Good luck!

  6. Don't you just love smoking on a smoker - just read your comment on coldantlerfarm and glad to have found your blog. Will now follow you too - hopefully will get my own blog going and through all our respective blogs we can expand our self sufficiency horizons (and recipe/technique books)

    I highly recommend Michael Ruhlman's Charcuterie if you haven't seen it yet

    are you into smoking fish and curing fish - if so I have some excellent recipes for smoking and curing - we have a Bradley smoker