Monday, November 22, 2010

Venison Mushroom Dinner

Being self sufficient has a lot to do with just using what you have.  Tonight I made dinner just using what happened to be in the cupboard. I often buy things that I know will come in useful when they happen to be on sale. Of course, I have all this venison filling up the freezer so venison it was. I took out a package of the stew meat, thawed it and soaked it in buttermilk for a couple hours. Then I cut it up into fairly small pieces. I put it in the frying pan with some of my bacon grease, added one small chopped onion and a 4 oz can of mushrooms. I cooked it until the meat and onions were done. In another large pan I cooked a 16 oz package of medium egg noodles (pasta was on sale this week). When the meat was done, I moved the pan over and started cooking up 3 packets of mushroom gravy, following the directions (on sale last week for 3/$1). The noodles, in the meantime, were drained and put back in the pot and the meat mixture mixed in. When the gravy was done it was just poured over the top and mixed in. A little salt and pepper and it was done.


  1. My family doesn't eat mushrooms of any form. Any suggestions for a substitution?

  2. I suppose you could use a beef gravy and add a vegetable if you wanted.