Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hot Pickled Eggs

Besides the hot cocoa bread and making yogurt (one of the problems with making things from scratch is that eventually you are constantly making things!) today I had another shot at making hot pickled eggs. We really like pickled eggs but I have been trying for some time to make a hot version. I have tried all sorts of things from Texas Pete, hot sauce, chilli powder etc. None of them really turn out like I want. Whether this one will or not, I won't know until I have waited the 5 days but here is what I used this time.
The eggs:
These were a bunch of bantam eggs that I had and no one likes to use the bantam eggs because they are smaller.
Some hot peppers. Here are just three hot peppers. I had these frozen whole to use for hot pepper butter. I used a couple red and a yellow and just sliced them up and put them in the jar.

I also used some of this:
This is always real hot on wings so I put about a tablespoon of this in the jar.

Then came the normal stuff, the eggs-I believe there are 14 bantam eggs in the jar. Then I made up the regular pickling liquid:

3 Tablespoons sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pickling spices
2 cups vinegar (white)
2/3 cup water

Boil this all together for about 8 minutes, then pour hot into the jar over the eggs. Let sit in the frig. for 5 days before eating. It looks yummy anyway!


  1. Hey, you really have been busy, haven't you? I don't think I have ever tried a pickled egg... They used to be very popular here in the UK as an accompaniment to our "national dish" Fish and Chips.

  2. I had never really eaten them until we got chickens and quail and we had so many eggs. It is like anything pickled, either you like it or you don't.
    I actually had a lot more things that I wanted to get done but am coming down with some sort of sore throat and just wasn't up to doing more.

  3. Turned out to NOT be hot. I might have to give up on hot eggs. The vinegar does something to the heat I am sure. Still Phil said they were really good and has eaten most of them already.

  4. first time visitor here, if i may be so bold to say that here we save the vinegar from the jar hot pickled peppers and use this to cure the eggs - hot every time. Want them pink? Use the leftover from pickled beets. I don't use it over more than once. Peace

    Here is a link of how i do it:

  5. Interesting, I will have to try that. I don't usually feel any need to make them pink. I never had pink ones when we were growing up and always thought it was weird.