Monday, March 20, 2017

Today 3/20/17

Long day. Slept till 8:00 this morning but missed a few hours between 4 and 6 because my hips were hurting. My doctor tells me I can go to another doctor and get a shot and it will help but I can't afford other doctors besides him
. Had to go shopping. When you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables most of the time it involves a lot of shopping. Got a new bird feeder and of course, some new flowers that were marked down because wal-mart killed half their stuff during the late frost we had but a few survived to get marked down. 
Went to the thrift store and got five sets of double pointed knitting needles which was great because our Wal-mart only sells size 3 for some reason. I also got a little chair for the porch. Someone broke one of the plastic chairs  and then just left it on the porch for the unsuspecting.....
Went to visit my brother Andy and his wife Kat for a while. I do enjoy those visits. 
Came home. Cleaned out one chick brooder then cleaned out a small pen and moved the chicks in the other brooder (8 chicks) outside! Yeah! 
Put up my new bird feeder. Watched the birds for a while. They seemed to like it. Also got to see that a pair of chickadees have decided to make a nest in my birdhouse that hangs on the side of my yard swing. They have done this before and the cats chase them off but we'll see how it goes this year. We have a lot less cats since getting them all spade. 
 Marinated pork loins are in the convection oven and we'll have salad with it for supper.
Sorry no pictures today. Someone on my facebook mentioned liking my posts so I thought I would try a little more detailed post here and see how it goes. I will try to take pictures next time though.


  1. I love your blog....I really enjoy other's talking about 'real' life as opposed to the 'glamor blogs'...that's what I call them. I need to stop by the thrift store on my way to Wally World tomorrow! Good score with the knitting needles! I hope your hips feel better. I do lots of stretching exercises in the morning which helps me....toe touches, then twisting upper body with feet spread just a little and stationary, then side bends with arm over head and legs spread wide and then crouching like riding a horse and arm circles and finally crossing arms in front and then back...most are 10 repeats except side bend which is once to try and touch the floor. It takes me less than 5 minutes and really helps start my day and keep me flexible. When I started I could not do much but now I am really doing well. I hope it helps! BTW...I learned it from my dogs....I noticed they do all kinds of stretching in the morning when they first get up before ever going out the animals!

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