Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Little Brown Hen

So those of you who are on my facebook may know that I recently got a new job- a full time every day job.....and because it is right before the Master's Golf Tournament (very big here) the State Park where I was working on weekends is going to be full the whole week of Master's and even though I am not obligated to stay (they make us sign a paper saying so when we take the job), I could not just leave them without anyone working the weekends through the week of the Master's so I have agreed to keep working weekend until they find someone.....
....anyway, that isn't what this post is about. The post is about the little brown hen that is loose in my yard who stole a little nest for herself right in plain sight in my back shed by the old rabbit pens. It was under where I lean our hoes, shovels and rakes so she had a fairly safe spot...or so she thought anyway.

I had no idea how long she had the nest but she had sat on it for quite a while and I knew she must be getting close.
I went to my weekend job at the Park...and when I got home Phil had the little brown hen in a separate pen and it looked like she had been attacked and had a broken leg. Normally I would have put her down but she had that little nest and I knew they had to be close to hatching so I put her on her nest and hoped for the best. Came home the next day and she was still on the nest and she was clucking whenever the dog came to close to her. Came home the next day and she was still on the nest and I heard peeping and went to lift her gently off the nest, and found she was dead.
Her eggs, however weren't, but they were cool and I needed to do something. When I picked them up I found several of them were pipped. I took them inside and put a damp paper towel in a bowl and put the eggs in it under the brooder light. Normally for eggs to hatch in an incubator you need humidity to keep it moist enough so the chicks don't dry out and get stuck in their shells so I kept adding water to the paper towel from time to time, hoping I could keep it moist enough. I had to help the last two a little but they made it. One egg was never pipped and when I candled it with the light it had not developed. We ended up with four dark brown chicks and two yellow stripped chicks.



  1. That is so sad she died. She was injured but faithful to her eggs. It makes me want to cry.

  2. Awe...she was faithful right up to the end! Sad! But wow! You helped the chicks to hatch! And how cute they are! I love farm stories that turn out happy! Thanks for sharing, Becky! Congratulations on the new job! Blessings from Bama!

  3. Oh, poor Mother hen but she was a great Mother...saving the life of her little ones along with your help! Congrats to both of you! I hope you enjoy your new job!

  4. That's sad about the hen, but what a lovely gift she gave you :) Thanks Becky for taking the photos. I hope all is well with the chicks!

  5. Bless her heart! You did a wonderful thing taking over for her!

  6. Hi Becky, shame you couldn't save the hen. Hopefully the chicks will turn out to be good producers. Thanks for sharing.

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