Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cost of Rescue

Some have asked about the rescued dogs so although this is off topic for this blog, I am going to do an update on the dogs and the cost of rescuing them.

I'll start with Juliet. She, of course, had to have a full work up which here includes all their shots, testing for worms, testing for kennel cough and testing for heart worms. It was $74. She was negative for everything. She did however have the tumor over her eye and she had horrible bad breath. We just got that surgery done to remove the tumor and when they checked her teeth they found a lot of problems. They removed 6 of her teeth. The bill was $428. She also had to have Comfortis for fleas. I just got two months worth at first which was $30. Juliet is overweight--by a long shot--there is not cost for that except that she has to be walked twice a day, at least, plus she has to have food formulated for weight loss which is a bit more expensive that I usually would buy.

Now on to Scooter. Scooter has his $74 work up. He was fine on everything except the heartworms. He has to take Heartgaurd and, of course, so do the rest of them now. It is $30 a box (for 6 I think it is). He takes them for 4 months and then has to be retested. If positive again there are a series of shots and I think some x-rays that have to be done. They told me about $380 over several months.

Then there's Echo. Echo had her $74 work up. She was also negative for everything. However she had a scratching problem. They first just told me it was fleas (I really don't like that one vet) so we tried the Comfortis but she was just miserable and still scratching so she went back. I got a different vet that day who was more thorough. She found Echo had yeast and staph infections from her scratching and biting. She also found an ear infection. She gave me medicated shampoo, pills for staph and yeast and pills to help with the itching. I believe it was about $125. She did well until the pills ran out then she was back to itching. She went back again and got refills. Another $81. She did well again and just went back today. Now they are trying her on an antihistamine. Today only cost us $28.

This along with the cost of Romeo who wasn't really a rescue but was given to us. Who also just had his full work up. Was negative for everything but does have epilepsy. This has not cost us as he needs not medicine yet except the exam to find out what it was that was wrong with him. He did, however have a problem before that with his nervous system which cost over $200 to diagnose and treat.

Yeah, they aren't real self sufficient....but Scooter is just as sweet as he can be. Is connected to me at the hip whenever possible. Echo likes to come up to me when I am laying on the bed. She lays her upper body across my chest and then bends her head back to look at me and she licks...A LOT. She also LOVES empty water bottles. She likes to tear them up. She will sit and beg you for one even if it isn't empty. Juliet now give a few kisses too and she bounces around (as good as a little fat dog can) when we come in. She is getting healthier and taking more interest in things when she goes outside. Romeo is absolutely in love with Echo though she does nothing but play with him. He really needed some dog companionship.
Oh it isn't all happy, happy. Romeo and Scooter have had some viscous fights and so have Juliet and Echo- always over food so we are getting real careful with food and treats. And they all sleep on the bed with us which is a horrible habit that we stupidly allowed. One or two dogs sleeping on the bed is one thing, four is just plain uncomfortable. We are going to work on remedying that when we move.
They're out babies and that is all there is to it. I wouldn't change a thing even with all the expense but it is a real deterrent for wanting to stop and pick up any more... strays.


  1. You are officially a Softie! But the dogs will love you for it, I'm sure.

    1. Well, if it wasn't a necessity, I wouldn't be taking them to the vet. Once upon a time, I had animals and never did take them for shots and to the vet. I guess I just didn't know any better, luckily for them things have changed.

  2. What sweet babies, Becky! They are so adorable! So glad you and Phil gave them a second chance at life! Blessings from Bama!

    1. I don't think I ever had a choice. Julie was brought to us and Echo and Scooter were sitting in the road in front of my car. Now if two dogs are sitting in the road and don't move when you drive up and then when you get out to move them you see they are starved....you just have to think that they were meant for you to take care of. It isn't all obligation though, we loved them right from the start. You can't just sit and watch one of your babies miserable and scratching and do nothing and you can't know one has a tumor and do nothing. I'll never regret the cost. It was worth every penny to have them healthy and comfortable.

  3. We've rescued two Chihauhua's both were abused in some way.
    The vet bills can at times be overwhelming. It is worthy every penny to have them healthy and safe. Enjoy your babies.