Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I wanted to mention a little more about getting my son home first since my last rant didn't tell much, lol. Last week we spend two days at Ft. Jackson, SC. at my second sons graduation from Basic Training. After one broken ankle, surgery and a whole lot of rehabilitation, it only took him 9 months to do. The trip was rather a miserable one for us because we had to take our little dachshund, Romeo.  While Ft. Jackson and the hotel were pet friendly...nothing else was and since the temperature was pushing 80 F there was no leaving him in the car (besides he freaks when left in the car alone) so there always had to be one person with him. Anyway, we made it though and were very pleased to get to take my son, John, home for a couple of days before we had to take him on to his AIT at Ft. Gordon (which is just 35 minutes away).

Yesterday it did nothing but rain and has beat down the plants in the raised bed pretty good and while it is partly sunny today there is more rain in store for us for the whole rest of the week.

It really doesn't look like it in the picture but this radish is huge!

Today I added 8 more meat birds to the brooder which meant the 7 big monsters had to go. They received their own pen equipped with light. I am seeing fried chicken already! (or maybe Cornish hens!) Anyway, they seem to be adjusting quite fine.

We all have caught cold so tonights dinner will be chicken soup in the crockpot. I had a chicken breast leftover, added an onion, dried mushrooms, 2 jars of turkey stock (from Thanksgiving), a jar of carrots, salt and pepper and will add egg noodles later.


  1. Having been a soldier myself once upon a time, I have great respect for your soldier son. I hope he made you feel proud!

  2. Ahh, chicken soup. There is NOTHING like a home made chicken soup to make you feel better when you have a cold. I even go out on a limb and add plenty of chilli to help clear the head.

    Get well soon!!!

    oops, and Congratulations to your son, too!!!

  3. Mark he most certainly did. This is my second soldier son, the first one is in Germany right now.

    Daffodil, I wish I had made the soup last night. We had a cold day here yesterday but tonight will have to be good enough.

  4. what a good looking kid. two soldiers in your family...I thank them both for their service to our country.

    wish I had chickens...since I've resolved to buy only organic, humanely raised meat and poultry, I haven't even bought any chicken! I can't find it around here, except in a can!

  5. I have grown to really dislike chicken in a can, just mainly because it doesn't taste like chicken. When I can my chicken, it has such a wonderful taste and I love the broth. I am not sure what that is in the chicken broth cans in the store but it has no taste to me.

  6. WOW! Meat birds sure does bring back memories of when we farmed. I raisied birds twice a year for us and to sell the extras to off-set the cost of raising ours. Mine used to dress out around 11-13 pounds. I rmember the first batch and after the lady had gone home with her "6 birds" she called later that evening. I was freaked at recieving her call. afraid she wasn't happy!(she had made a real fuss about the cost when she picked them up, because it was "btp" and she balked at the high cost/amount). Anyway she ranted and raved about how good the bird was they had just eaten for supper!!!! I decided whatever I was doing must be right so then carried on with the feed program I was using and had many happy customer for a few years after that. I bought 200 birds each time/twice a year. We sure ate a lotta chicken!.lolol

  7. All these years I have yakked with you Becky and I thought yer kids were still "widdle folk"!
    Congrats on both your Sons!

  8. Wow, 11-13 pounds would be a huge meat bird. If you get 8 lbs out of them, you have done good. That is dressed weight, of course.
    When you first started yacking with me the kids were little but they grew, lol.