Friday, March 11, 2011

A to Z About Me

I got this idea from The Never Done Farm . I have changed some of them though to fit my situation.

A. Age- 42
B. Baking day--almost always Sunday but sometimes Saturday if I have any energy left after shopping.
C. Chores you dislike--definitely dusting which is why my house is so dusty (that and the dirt road).
D. Dogs--Romeo(daschund) and Dukey(shepherd mix)

E. Ever been out of the country--just once to Nova Scotia for 45 minutes on our senior trip.
F. Favorite season--definitely spring. GA doesn't have any other good seasons.
G. Gold or Silver--I like the silver color better but think real jewelery is way too expensive and the fake stuff looks just as good.
H. Height--5' 9"
I. Interests--making anything I can myself.

J. Job title--Membership Clerk, Boys and Girls Club
K. Kids--2 boys both in the Army, one girl still at home
L. Live--Georgia for the last 19 years (it may be 20, I lose track)
M. Made last--Another raised bed in the back yard
N. Next project-- Looks like it is going to be some sort of brooder for the meat birds in the greenhouse.

O. Oldest friend--Debbie, met her in 9th grade
P. Pet peeves--People who don't pull their weight at work
Q. Quote--Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
R. Righty or lefty--righty
S. Siblings--1 half sister, 2 brothers
T. Time you wake up--I wake up at 5:15 lately because we are down to one car and I have to take Phil to work.
U. Used to do--I used to read a lot but hardly ever seem to have time now (too much computer time)
V. Vegetables growing this year--tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, spinach, squash, onions, lettuce, kale, radishes, turnips, carrots (well that is the ones I can think of right now anyway).

W. Why you do this--I love being able to do things other people can't.
X. X-rays-just once after a car accident. Nothing was broken.
Y. Your worst day--Today because  my grandbaby is in Hawaii and I didn't know how bad the tsunami was going to be.
Z. Zoo--Sometimes it seems like a zoo here, like today with the meat birds in the kitchen but other days it is better.


  1. Hi Becky; I think I know you better after reading this! You forgot to mention F for Friends, B for Blogging, and G for Gardening... :)
    Blogging certainly acts as a good way of making friends.

  2. It is always fun to learn things about other bloggers :)

  3. I have really, really enjoyed blogging since I started. It's sort of like having your own magazine where you get to print whatever you want and I have learned so much from other blogs as well.

  4. how wonderful that your garden is already on its way. here in KY, we made it into the low 50s today. Really looking forward to spring this year. Got a big kick out of this line of yours: "I love being able to do things other people can't." thanks for the A to Z!