Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Chicks and maybe a small rant

It has been a rather trying week here. My son graduated from Basic training and we went for his family day and graduation and we took Romeo our little dashchund because we had to which was a nightmare. Then we took my son to Ft. Gordon only to find he could get a weekend pass so we brought him back home so he could spend more time with his wife and son who live with us.
You would think that him and his wife are all grown up now but today while I fell asleep because I am just plain exhausted, they let the pigs ears burn up in the oven to the extent that when I woke up I could smell the burning and the living room WHERE THEY WERE SITTING was full of smoke...but they never bothered to turn it off..wasn't their problem apparently. ..and I bit my tongue....a few TIMES...because my son is only home until Sunday morning .........sigh.
So in the good news, Japanese hen above has hatched out these two little chicks, the bad news is that yes, those are her other eggs beside her. I have moved her and chicks and eggs to a separate cage and she sat on the eggs all night but when I checked at noon she was off them again. It is likely we will only get these two. I could rush them to the incubator but it isn't on and isn't set up right and it would just take too long I think. Oh well, one of the pynchoen hens is finally setting on eggs as well so maybe she will  hatch some and, of course, there is all those chicks in the brooder. They are doing great and soon the bigger cornish x will be able to be moved to a pen until they have grown out.
I meant to get the peppers planted and some spinach harvested today but then it started to thunder and rain so maybe tomorrow instead. I also have plans for a green onion soup since I have so many green onion tops out there. Still thinking on whether I want that just with the onions or whether it should be a green onion chicken soup. We'll see. ..


  1. Life is not always a bed of roses, is it? You just have to hope the good bits will outweigh the bad bits!

  2. Oh I am sure they do, there are just some things you have to go through, otherwise we would never learn anything now would we?

  3. Children don't have to act grown-up when Mom is around. They are still young yet. Hard to believe but true.

  4. One adult looking after another adult who is quite capable of caring for him/herself is never fun nor easy. How cute, little cheep cheeps

  5. growing up is a process not a destination, I guess! I have to wonder if I never cooked, if I would think to turn off someone's smoking stove. (hope I would!)