Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Apple Pie Kind of Day

Yesterday was a knitting day. I had been doing some crocheting lately but Phil asked me for a specific type of hat and I had to come up with a graph to make it and then make sure I knew how to do the stranded knitting right. Anyway, it came out pretty good!

But today has just been a writing up patterns day and an apple pie day. Apple cherry pie to be exact. I used some apples I got free at work and some dried cherries I got free from my sister-in-law. Regular apple pie recipe right out of the Betty Crocker Cookbook only with some cherries added.  Just a few photos to make you all hungry!


  1. I hope you had custard with your Apple pie. No proper Apple pie is complete without custard! :)

    1. Never heard of having custard with it. Here we have it with vanilla icecream on top which is what we had ours with. :)

  2. Very nice hat and oh yum - looks delicious - the pie, not the hat! I love baking...and eating things that I bake. That's the reason I don't do it very often ;)

  3. Hi Becky, now that is one kool hat, the apple pie looks great. I just wanted to reach and grab a piece. Now that Winter is setting in, it will be soup, stews and cassarole time.