Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our New Farmer's Market!

It was the ladies in the Human Resources office (they have any office inside our Club) who told me that a Farmer's Market had been started in town. It is open Saturday mornings from 8:00 to 12:00. Phil and I forgot about it last week but we got there this week.
It's real small and located on one of the few old brick streets still left in town. The street really isn't used now and is basically an alley between the old buildings.
When I say small, I mean --real small. There were only 8 tables this weekend when we went. I stole this picture off of the website because I forgot to take one. This picture makes it look like a lot more than it is but if you count umbrellas, there were only 8 tables the day that picture was taken too.

But small does not mean that they didn't have anything good to offer. We found several good things to  buy and we wanted to support this market so that maybe it could grow so we bought from 5 of the 8 tables.
One table gave us a spoon with a sample of some of the best grits I have ever eaten and we bought this 2 lb bag from them for $5. Worth every penny.

Phil got himself some blueberries and tomatoes. I could not find the tomatoes when I went to take this picture so I take it they were pretty good. 

I also got some cucumbers (also gone today),a pint of honey $8 and a couple of black eyed-Susan plants for a dollar each.

There was a man selling grass fed beef out of a freezer as well. I would have liked to get some of that but it was just a little too expensive but maybe next times we'll try a little. There was also a table with just natural cleaners and I didn't buy anything from that table so maybe next time on that one too. They are supposed to have music some weeks and I will be interested to see that as well.
Anyway, the market runs through September and I hope it really catches on and gets even more tables.


  1. That's great, I hope it grows.. I'm a big fan of farmers markets.

  2. Most Farmers' Markets start like that, but they grow when people appreciate the quality of produce and the benefits of buying locally. I'm looking forward to hearing what you do with the Grits. Here in the UK "grit" is something you put on the road in Winter to stop skidding! :)

    1. Grits are most definitely a southern states thing here. It is ground up corn, that is boiled for breakfast usually. I like mine with butter and salt on it and maybe some bacon bits (I don't usually have these though) but you can put all sorts of things on grits.