Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Harvests from the Kid's Garden

Yesterday before I left work I got out to the garden and pulled the onions. Some of them formed small onions and some of them didn't do anything at all. The red onions did the best and the yellow ones did the worst.

And while I was out there I picked the tomatoes. Some need to ripen a little more but the birds are eating the red ones so I picked them a bit early to save them from the birds.  These tomatoes are red, yellow and red with green shoulders. The red ones are Celebrity, the yellow ones are lemon boy and the red with green shoulders should be Mr. Stripey.


  1. I think your onions look fine and your tomtoes. I enjoy everything you plant. Keep on, keeping on.

  2. Becky,

    The kids are going to love anything you pull out of the ground.
    Those are nice onions and tomatoes.

  3. Looking real good and probably tasting real good too.

  4. nice work... What do you do for water? is there a a sprinkler or does someone water by hand with a hose?

    1. I do all the watering by hand with a hose :(

  5. Wow - their harvest looks great!

  6. The tomatoes look a really good size. Very nice.